9Ken Roberts Plaque Winners

Ken Roberts Plaque



Peter Aberson and Eddy Kensbock - Cordyceps longisegmentis (Jointly Awarded)


Andy Smith - Mutinus ravenelli (Ken Roberts Plaque)

Ellie Tulk (Junior Plate)


Jeni Green - Amanita strobiliformis (Ken Roberts Plaque)

Eg Aberson - Macrotyphula fistulosa var. contorta (2nd plate)


Jeni Green -  Lactarius acris - (Ken Roberts Plaque)

Peter Aberson - Geastrum pectinatum - (2nd plate)


Jeni Green - rare rooting Coprinus - (Ken Roberts Plaque)


Denise Vincent - Postia Fragilis (Ken Roberts Plaque)

Ellie Tulk - Pluteus Aurantiorugosus  - (Junior plate)


Ann Cryer - Pluteus Petastatus  found in the New Forest on 1/11/16, has been recorded with 119 records in the UK on CATE2 and 183 entries in the BMS database (Ken Roberts Plaque)

Jeni Green - Entoloma Euchroum found at Thornicombe Wood on National Fungus Day 9/10/16 has been recorded with 130 records in the UK on CATE2 and 196 entries in the BMS database (2nd Plate) 


Jeni Green - Coprinopsis Pseudonivea found on an old cow pat at Fontmell Down on the 5/8/2017 has been recorded with 31 records in the UK on CATE2 (Ken Roberts Plaque)

Denise Vincent- Geastrum Quadrifidum found at Wimborne Road Cemetery on the 19/11/2017 has been recorded with 47 records in the UK on CATE2 (2nd Plate)